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Huron Sun Pure Virgin Sunflower Oil


  • Cold-pressed and fine filtered for superior quality. Contains over 80% "heart healthy" mono unsaturated fat. 
  • Light delicate taste and subtle aroma of roasted sunflowers.
  • Local healthy alternative to olive oil.

500 Ml Clear Glass bottle with easy pour cap 

$15.00 (incl. tax)*



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We recommend you try our product in our 500ml glass bottle and then refill with our larger sized plastic bottle.

Once you try Huron Sun Pure Virgin Sunflower Oil, you’ll probably come back for more. Use it as an ingredient in baked goods. Not only will they taste delicious they will be healthier for you!








Huron Sun Pure Virgin Sunflower Oil



4 Litre Plastic bottle $50.00 (incl. tax)*



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